Competition Results for N.C.A.A.C. Gymnasts 

A huge congratulations to all competitors and achievers. 
For more information about the achievements of our gymnasts please call us on 01604 660585 or click here to contact us 

Level 6 ages 7/8 & 9/10 Years- 2015 

Ava Betts - Gold overall, Gold Bars & Beam, Bronze on Floor 
Rosie Davies - Bronze overall, Gold on Vault, Bronze on Beam and Bars 
Esme Jameson - Bronze on Vault 
Zanzi Haynes - Silver Overall, Bronze on bars & Gold on Beam 

Level 7 ages 9/10 Years-2015 

Blossom Hill -Gold overall, Gold on Vault & Bronze on Bars 
Evie Busby- Silver on Vault & Beam 

Level 8 ages 7/8 and 13+ Years -2015 

Katie Nicholls - Silver overall, Silver on Vault & Bars. 
Hannah Hall - Gold overall, Gold on Vault, Bars & Beam, Silver on Floor 
Clara Steele - Silver overall, Silver on Vault & Beam, Bronze on Bars and Gold on Floor 

Out of Age level 3 - 2015 

Neveah Graham - Bronze overall, Gold on Vault, Silver on Bars, Bronze on Floor 
Millie Seagrove - Silver on Vault and Bronze on Bars and Beam 
Ellen Goodhart - Bronze on Vault & Floor 

County Champs 13/14 Years - 2015  

Amelia Birkett - Silver overall, Gold on Vault & Floor, Silver on Bars. 
Overall Vault champion was also awarded to Amelia. Well done! 

In Age Level 4 - 2015  

Millie Burton - Bronze Overall and Gold on Vault 
Destiny Shipley - Bronze on Beam 

In Age Level 5 - 2015 

Macy Van Hoof - Gold Overall, Bronze on Floor and Gold on Beam, Bars & Vault. 

Open Age Level 4 Championships - 2015 

Overall a very good competition for Ellen Goodhart, silver medal on Vault. 

National In age Qualifiers level 4 & 5 - 2015 

Macy Van-Hoof - Silver Overall, Silver on Vault and Bronze on Bars & beam. 
A huge well done to Esme, Destiny and Millie who performed extremely well in their first regional competition. 

British Gymnastics Veterans - 2015 

Huge congratulations to Alex, Kim and Rachel who competed in the British Gymnastics veterans competition at Lilleshall.  
Alex placed in the top 10 and Kim placed 3rd on bars and 4th on Vault. 
Well Done girls! 

Level 4 County Junior Team - 2015 

Well done to our level 4 Team (Esme, Destiny, Macy, Blossom and Millie) who placed 3rd in the County with a score of 126.44 

Level 6 County Junior Team - 2015  

Well done to our level 6 team (Zanzi, Kalonice, Ava and Rosie) who placed 2nd overall in the County with a score of 120.005.  

County level 8 Floor and Vault Team - 2015 

A huge well done to Sharyn's level 8 team (Sophie, Hannah, Clara and Molly) Who placed 1st in the County's Level 8 Floor and Vault competition. Well done girls! 

County Level 8 Floor and Vault Team - 2015 

Well done to our second level 8 team (Ella, Ellie, Sophia, Jodie and Amber) Who placed 3rd in the county level 8 Floor and Vault. Super work for your first competition girls! 

East Midlands floor and vault Qualifier - 2016 

Huge well done to all our gymnasts that competed in the East Midlands Floor and Vault qualifier. Macy Van Hoof scored 22.20 overall receiving a gold medal and Ava Betts received a score of 21.37, both will be representing the County for the age 8/9 team. Blossom Hill scored 22.07 receiving a bronze medal and representing the county in the 10/11 team. 

County Floor and Vault Level 8 & 9 - 2016 

Well done to all the gymnastics that competed in the Level 8&9 floor and vault. Massive well cone to Eryn and Imogen who competed for the first time! 

County level 6, out of age level 5 and 4 - 2016 

A massive well done to all our Gymnasts that competed in this competitions. Especially Kalonice Bicknell, Clara Steel, Rosie Davis, Esme Jameson, Destiny Shipley and Blossom Hill who all passed their level. 

County 4 piece Level 9,8 & 7 - 2016 

Well done to our Senior gymnasts that competed in the level 8 4 piece. A special well done to Jodie Inwood who placed 2nd overall in her age group. All gymnasts did extremely well, with everybody walking away with medals! 

In Age Level 4 and Out Of Age Level 3 - 2016 

Macy Van-Hoof is the in age level 4 county Champion with a score of 44.07 receiving gold on beam, floor, vault and silver on bar also passing her level, well done! Also well done to Ava Betts who received silver on vault and bronze on bar and floor. Well done to Ellen Goodheart who performed extremely well and had a great competition! 

County Champs - 2016  

Nevaeh completed very well at the weekend receiving a gold medal for beam and bronze on floor, bars and vault overall placing her 3rd. She did outstanding and placed 4th overall in the afternoon competition. 

County Level 9,8 & 7 - Level 8, 4 piece - 2017 

Well done to our level 8 gymnast who did super at the level 8 4 piece competition. In the 11 years age group Darcy Wright came 2nd overall, receiving bronze on vault and silver on beam. In the 12 years age group Sophie Mundy came 1st and Harriet Lane came 2nd. With Sopie receiving Gold on all 4 pieces and Harriet receiving Silver on Vault, Gold on Bars, Bronze on Beam and Silver on Floor. Finally in the age 13 years group Lily-Rose Whitehouse came 4th Overall, receiving Gold on Vault.  
Huge well done to all gymnast that competed and also their coach Helene Dunkley!  

County Level 9, 8 & 7 - Level 9, 4 piece - 2017 

Lily, Rachel and Freya worked super hard in the Level 9 4 piece, all walking away with medals. Super job girls! 
Lily Buck finished 1st in the age 11 years group, receiving Gold on all 4 pieces. Rachel McLean finished in 7th, receiving Bronze on Vault. Finally Freya Wells came 1st in the 10 years age group, receiving Gold on Bars and Silver on Beam.  
Well done to all gymnasts and also their coach Alex Bennett that has helped them train leading up to the competition!